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Aurora is a powerful cloud-based mission control software designed to control a single satellite or a complete constellation through a user-friendly, fully customizable control interface.

Always up to date:




Custom User Interface


Flexible IT infrastructure:


Maximum Flexibility:


On-Demand Global Coverage



State-of-the-art security


Aurora’s cloud architecture enables operators to significantly reduce mission costs by eliminating all the expenses connected to software design, development, testing, deployment, and maintenance.

The user interface can be customized to the needs and preferences of individual mission operators.

A web interface enables the use of cheap, commodity hardware to create the desired IT infrastructure. Operators can control satellites from any location through a variety of computer platforms, including mobile.

Aurora can use the elasticity of the Cloud to allow for processing resources to be added as required, allows for different automation strategies to be implemented when controlling satellite fleets or constellations.

Aurora’s software architecture is modular, and it can be tailored to support any spacecraft and any satellite protocol.

A worldwide network of ground stations, in partnership with LeafSpace and Amazon AWS Ground Station, ensures global coverage that can be tailored to the needs and the budget of any space mission.


The software is installed in a private cloud instance with AES256 encryption 2FA token user authentication, to ensure state-of-the-art cybersecurity protection.

Through a linear pay-per-use structure, operators don't need to invest in Hardware or expensive Software developments.

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Web interface accessible from any location through a variety of computer platforms including mobile

Fully customizable user interface that can be adapted to the specifics needs of each satellite operator, providing a versatile and modular suite of tools to support even the most complex and demanding missions

Support for telemetry, trajectory updates, telecommand, and downstream through graphical and command-line controls

2D/3D Orbit Visualization, with satellite tracking based on two-line orbital elements (TLE) propagation

Telecommand upload via manual and database-retrievable telecommand stacks

Automatic warnings for predefined anomalies, including emails and messaging

Scheduled and time-tag command generation and execution

Features telecommand logging, enabling historical analysis and creation of procedures to automate common tasks

Highly modular software architecture that can be tailored to support any spacecraft and any satellite protocol, including the CubeSat space protocol (CSP)

High performance cloud infrastructure, with extremely high reliability and availability

Worldwide network of ground station, in partnership with Leaf Space and Amazon AWS Ground Station, to ensure global coverage tailored to the needs and budget of any space missions

Private cloud instance with AES256 encryption 2FA token user authentication, to ensure a state-of-the art cyber security protection

Personalized support and training for software setup and troubleshooting

Operators can connect their own antennae, and make their spare capacity available to 3rd parties, allowing them to monetize their infrastructure.

Spacecraft in Orbit

Operators can also develop and make available their own software components, maximizing return on their developments.

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